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Visual Inspections: Dangers

Posted May 8, 2019 by Herb Weischedel

Modern wire ropes (including multistrand and IWRC ropes) deteriorate internally with no externally visible signs. In addition, most wire ropes are covered with grease, which makes visual inspection infeasible – even for surface deterioration. This situation clearly calls for MRT (Magnetic Rope Testing):

Conversely, visual inspections are indispensable for rope sections that are not accessible by MRT (for example, near end terminations and on compensating sheaves). 

Therefore, MRT and visual inspections complement each other ( and should be combined. 

Although extensive information is available, there is an inexplicable and baffling lack of knowledge of MRT – even among experienced wire rope professionals. Entire operations are jeopardized by a perplexing and irrational reluctance to use proper safety procedures

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