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Our Commitment

At NDT Technology, we don’t use the words “Research & Development” lightly. After all, our name says – and the core of our business is – Technology.

Superior technology is easier to sell. Therefore, first-rate R&D is the foundation of our marketing and sales effort.

Our technology is based on a thorough knowledge of physical principles. It wasn’t concocted based on a hunch, some vague intuition, and implemented by trial-and-error.

We are pretty serious about things like engineering. And manufacturing. And physics. And mathematics.

Yes, we are also interested in theory because “Nothing is so practical as a good theory” (Kurt Lewin, 1945)

Our Team

Our electromagnetic wire rope NDE equipment was developed over the past decades by Dr. Herbert R. Weischedel RIP. and his team of engineers, technicians, computer programmers and designers. In other words, people with a solid foundation in engineering, physics, mathematics, electromagnetics, signal processing, and manufacturing.

Our R&D effort was partially funded by the United States government under the – highly competitive – Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program with additional support from the Gas Research Institute (GRI) and from the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI).

 Our team continues to invent, innovate, and make continual progress in improving our hardware, developing signal interpretation algorithms, and adding new products and services.

So, besides being created by a team of talented and knowledgeable engineers and technicians, what makes our wire rope NDE equipment stand apart from the competition?

Our Technology

Other tools for nondestructive evaluation of wire ropes are mostly qualitative flaw detectors with rather dubious measurement capabilities. They cannot reliably quantify the severity of rope deterioration. While this type of equipment is relatively easy to build, inspection results are questionable.

It might be well and good to conclude that a rope has deteriorated. But to make rational retirement decisions, you must know exactly the extent of rope degradation.

At NDT Technology, we can detect and accurately measure a rope’s loss of metallic cross-sectional area (LMA). Among all competitors, only our instrumentation can reliably estimate the number of internal broken wires (single or in clusters) as well as the severity of corrosion pitting. The superior performance of our equipment has been confirmed by independent and very diligently conducted Round Robin tests.

 Wire rope inspection does not have to be rocket science. It’s our job to make it straightforward, to explain and demystify the inspection process, and to make test results reliable, accurate and easy to interpret, so you don’t have to guess.

Want to learn more about our technology? Please read on.

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