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Paradigm Shift

Posted April 17, 2019 by Herb Weischedel

Modern wire ropes (including multistrand and IWRC ropes) frequently fail from internal deterioration without externally visible signs.

This situation makes prevalent ‘rag-and-visual’ inspection methods unreliable and outright dangerous (,

In contrast to sole visual inspections, our MRT instrumentation will reliably detect and evaluate internal and external wire rope deterioration (,

Hence, wire rope examination/evaluation (NDE) procedures are going through a major PARADIGM SHIFT:

  1. MRT NDE will become the indispensable and primary wire rope inspection method. For extremely safety-critical applications, continuous rope monitoring systems (CRMS) will become mandatory (,
  2. Visual Inspections will be a minor – albeit important – complement of MRT NDE.
  3. Auxiliary information on rope construction, operating conditions, damage mechanisms and failure modes, rope history, etc. is an important component of a complete wire rope NDE.

This PARADIGM SHIFT is described in my memorandum titled “Wire Rope Inspection: NEW PARADIGM”.

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