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Performance Validation and Verification of our MRT Equipment

Posted April 24, 2019 by Herb Weischedel

For choosing appropriate MRT equipment, its performance, capabilities, and limitations must be understood and – above all – validated and verified.

The MRT validation process must include practical trials. Preferably, it comprises:

  1. Table-top experiments that consist of inserting and removing steel rods into and from the sensor head, respectively. Easy and very inexpensive, tests can be equally performed with instruments from all manufacturers. In addition, these trials will give the inspector a deep understanding of the signal generation process that allows rational signal interpretation and safe and economical rope retirement decisions. Please refer to this link:  The table-top experiments – together with calibration procedures – are illustrated by the attached video.
  2. MRT on used ropes and validation of test results by correlating acquired test data with the actual rope condition. This type of tests requires a major effort and is always very expensive. For our MRT equipment, validation tests were performed by independent government and semi-government agencies.

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