NDT Technologies

Manufacturers of Non-Destructive Wire Rope Inspection Equipment

NDT Technologies, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of nondestructive test instrumentation for the in-service inspection of wire ropes and cables. Our company is the world’s premier maker of wire rope inspection instrumentation. Our success in this niche business can be attributed to the superior performance of our products and our never-ending pursuit of innovation. 

Our wire rope NDE equipment is especially suited for the inspection of so-called high-value wire ropes (i.e., large diameter (>100mm) subsea construction ropes with lengths in excess of 2000m). Our rope testers also show great promise for the inspection of spiral strand.

Our Offshore Wire Rope Inspection Video

    Our New Generation wire rope NDE equipment offers uncommon accuracy and reliability for the inspection of high value offshore ropes.
    Our rope testers are of the triple-function LMA/WRR/LF type. This means three high-resolution signals make chart interpretation direct, reliable and simple.
    See pictures of NDT Technologies' products out in the field.