MAGNETIC WIRE ROPE TESTING (MRT): This is how it’s done! NDT Technology, LLC

MAGNETIC WIRE ROPE TESTING (MRT): This is how it’s done!

Posted May 20, 2019 by Herb Weischedel

This is how it’s done!

  1. There are too many serious crane accidents, usually with huge monetary losses and/or loss of lives (
  2. Magnetic Wire Rope Testing (MRT) is a proven tool that will greatly ameliorate this situation. For example, while very hard to detect visually (, a “complete IWRC failure” is glaringly obvious to MRT (
  3. On the other hand, although MRT is a reliable Wire Rope NDE method (, there is reluctance to use it in parts of the wire rope community.
    As a dedicated wire rope professional you owe it to yourself to be informed about MRT.
  4. Information on MRT
    • For a first impression, please have a look at our recent ‘Inspector Training Video’ ( with a detailed description of an MRT wire rope inspection that was simulated on our NDT Technologies test loop.
    • Here is a video on the corresponding ‘Analysis of Inspection Results’ (
    • Read my paper on ‘Inspector Training’ (

Please peruse this material.
Then judge for yourself!

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