In Memoriam NDT Technology, LLC

In Memoriam

Dr. Herbert Weischedel, or as many of you know him as Herb, together with his wife Christa Weischedel established NDT Technologies, Inc. in 1980.

Herb was dedicated to the belief that people are the most important part of any business, and that their safety is the number one priority. Therefore, as an innovator and a forward thinker, he developed equipment to test the safety of wire ropes in various fields.

Herb’s passion for research and development was fueled by his desire to create a safer work environment by creating more sophisticated technology that can detect smaller imperfections.

Throughout his career, Herb developed many friendships and collaborated on many projects. NDT Technologies, Inc. was genuinely his life’s work and legacy.

He was a devoted husband, family man, and friend, and he will be greatly missed. He is survived by his wife and successor Christa Weischedel, his two daughters Christina Deptulski and Anne-Katrin Weischedel, his son-in-law Stephen Deptulski, and two grandchildren Aoife Weischedel and Aidan Weischedel.